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Memoirs and internships

Memoirs and internships

1) Opening internship
Intervenant in L3, the internship of opening to the professional world, of a duration of 4 to 8 weeks (between mid-June and beginning of September), has no particular scientific or technical purpose. It is above all a matter of quickly confronting students with the professional environment to:

break with a vision of things exclusively school
learn the constraints of professional life
to understand the complexity of the structures and functioning of professional organizations
It can be done in Benin or abroad, in business or administration. It is the subject of a report and a defense where the student must take stock of the observations made during the internship on the organization of the missions, the relations between the various actors involved in the life of the company. .. The internship will allow the student to get an idea of ​​his future profession and to move appropriately in one of the ways of deepening the institute.

In the case of ISMADE, this serves a dual purpose:

prepare students for what will be their own business practice
to provide them with an openness to the economic, social, medical and industrial reality, which is a fundamental element in the training of future statisticians and risk managers.
But the institute admits, just as well, internships that do not belong to the activity sectors of the institute’s formations, such as humanitarian internships, as long as the objective of discovering or opening to a universe is satisfied. professional.

2) Internship and employment

The end of studies internship is obligatory for all the students doing their year of master 2 at Ismade. This is a full-time internship of 20 to 26 weeks.

It aims both to apply the Institute’s teachings and particularly those of the specialization pathway and to gain experience in transitioning to the Institute’s career opportunities.

The internship can begin full-time as of the 1st week of May or before part-time. The student must have completed at least 20 weeks of internship before September 30, the deadline for submission of the report. The internship can continue beyond this date without exceeding 6 months in total. The internship can not extend beyond 31 December of the current year.

The subject of the internship must be related to the teachings of the institute. It is subject to validation by the studies department, taking into account both the scientific objectives of the internship and its openness to the professional world.

The end-of-study internship can be done under an internship agreement, or as part of an employment contract (permanent or fixed-term contract). In this last case, the student will have to negotiate with his employer a mission of beginning of contract which lends itself to the writing of a memoir.

3) Suggest an internship

You can offer an internship to our students by sending your internship offer to or by calling the institute secretariat at 00 00 00.

4) Offer a job

The job offers that companies send directly to the institute are disseminated to former students and students at the end of their studies through Ismade’s website and intranet.

Job offers concerning outgoing students can also be sent to the internship service ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it) broadcast directly by courier.