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The Research Institute for Decision Mathematics (IRMADE) is a research center attached to ISMADE. It is led by ISMADE faculty members, professionals, and researchers from partner research centers at ISMADE. Research at IRMADE focuses on the applications of mathematics to areas of scientific activity as diverse as Economics, Finance, Insurance, Statistics, Biology and Biostatistics.

Our main goal is the mathematical analysis of these problems, and also the numerical calculation and the help to the practical implementation within the framework of the interactions with the economic, medical and industrial world.

Through its expertise, IRMADE also provides researchers in Benin and the sub-region with tools for analyzing data and significantly optimizing the results of their work.

Some topics especially in finance and insurance are discussed in the documents below.

LCA DT1 – Universal Health Cover

LCA DT2 – Non-life provisions in CIMA zone

Actuarial mail LCA Nu00B01 – Microinsurance and Microfinance

The actuarial mail LCA2 – Prospective in insurance

LCA3 – Risk and finance

LCA4 – Ru00E9assurance in CIMA zone