The schooling lasts five years. Each year is organized in semesters.

The institute offers entries in L1

The entry in L1 is reserved on file study, to the students holding a scientific baccalaureate (series C, D, E).

Entry into L3 is reserved for students holding an L2 at ISMADE and L3 other institutions in mathematics, physical sciences, economics, biology, agronomy, etc. Students from other institutions are admitted on file study.

L3 aims to make the knowledge of students from different backgrounds homogeneous, and to introduce the fundamental subjects of the institute: mathematics, probabilities and statistics, microeconomics and macroeconomics, biology and chemistry. Each student will then be able to access each of the ISMADE courses of specialization. The year ends with a three-month internship in the professional world at a company, an administrative agency or a humanitarian organization.

The fourth year (M1) is the key year of the course. The core curriculum corresponds to the fundamental teachings of statistics, econometrics, finance, microeconomics and biology, which form the basis of statistician training. It is also where students mature their academic and professional project by confronting the various courses of deepening and openness that are proposed to them.

The fifth year is the year of specialization. Students choose a path of specialization from the following:

Risk Management and Actuarial Sciences
Statistics and Econometrics
This year of specialization combines theoretical courses, seminars and projects, provided by practitioners and researchers.

The course ends with a final internship of 20 to 24 weeks.

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